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Decades of ups and downs, and Hom bumpy Ke, mixed. Among them, the joy of success, the pain of failure, but the compromise untold grievances, but we have always insisted that the spirit of never give up, never waver. "Professionals do, and practical, stronger, bigger," the development of ideas, "integrity-based, and always serve the complete machine manufacturers, and seek corporate and the common development of" business philosophy, "so that each customer satisfied customers fully accept the stringent requirements "as well as the operating principle of" people-oriented, with ability and integrity and to merit "has been the principle of guidelines for the use of people in the direction of the company.

2008, the new company has a construction project has been in full swing, the development of this indicates that we are also entered into a new era. As a company leader, I feel surging, thousands of thoughts, in their minds constantly show the course of the development of the past 10 years. In the course of development over the decades, we are so fortunate, gratitude for people thoughts surging encouraging.

New opportunities, new challenges, let us join hands and create a beautiful tomorrow!

—— 章仁法

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