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Enterprise goals: become the country's well-known enterprises meter industry.

Business philosophy: integrity-based, and always at the service of the complete machine manufacturers, and seek corporate and common development.

Operating principle: that every customer satisfaction, customer fully accept the harsh requirements;

Teamwork: highly professional, and academic qualifications of high team morale;

Quality First: continuing to promote the quality of management changes at the core; Efficiency: to maintain the quality and price competitive advantage;

Continued to improve: small issue as a major problem to deal with;

Staff satisfaction: create a liberal justice, allow staff contributed to the organizational climate.

Common values: integrity fine industry, the better.

Employing principles: people-centered, ability and integrity and to merit.

Working principles: self-discipline, efficient and coordinated.

Safety and the environment: the security of all acts as a starting point; harmonious environment to improve staff enthusiasm.

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